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Vacanze 2014

Case vacanze nelle Marche


L'estate tornerà tra qualche mese! Anche se l'inverno, le nebbie, il traffico e le noie quotidiane saranno qui ancora per un pò, nonostante tutto e nonostante tutti, l'estate del 2014 si avvicina a grandi ...

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Summer holidays 2014

Vacation rentals in Italy


The summer is just around the corner! Even though the long winter still lingers on and traffic jams and daily problems are bound to be with us yet for a while, the summer of 2014 is only a few months away ! Le Marche ...

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Miti e leggende delle montagne incantate

La Maga Sibilla

Camerino d'inverno

  I Monti Sibillini sono uno dei segreti meglio custoditi d'Italia. Queste montagne offrono un panorama di straordinaria bellezza, con colori che cambiano ad ogni stagione, trasformandosi da un rosso ruggine in ...

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Myths and legends of the secret mountains

Winter scene

From 08-01-2013
Camerino in winter

The Sibillini Mountains are one of Italy's best kept secrets. These mountains boast a panorama of stunning beauty, with changing colours upon each season, turning from a rusty red in Autumn to deep white in winter, to ...

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Holiday cottage La casa del Levriero

Borgo Belvederi - La casa dei Colli

Very, very special suite with a large living room with fireplace and a vault window that overlooks the hamlet's little square. In the master bedroom, a large colour-therapy whirlpool bath has been installed in the ancient stone-vat that was used for wine-making. The kitchen has travertine marble finishing and is fully equipped with dishwasher, oven, fridge, freezer, hob. Flat-screen TV, air-conditioning.